1 Jul

As a famous talk show host has said a thousand times, “what I know for sure” is that things change and we have to be able to roll with these changes….. this is certainly true at Coco’s Attique.  It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing the retirement of Pat and Coco!  I thank Pat from the bottom of my heart for all of her efforts to help launch Coco’s Attique into the thriving consignment shop that it has become today.  I hope you will join me in wishing her hapiness and joy, as she stops and smells the roses!  Coco will be missed, as well…. she has become a local celebrity. 

Since the shop is now a “Coco-less Attique”, new and exciting changes are coming!  I have learned so much this past year and am crafting an even better consignment and shopping experience for you!  Stay tuned for updates and announcements coming soon!  In the meantime, a quick update on new hours effective July 9, 2012……

Sunday – closed

Monday – closed

Tuesday – 11am-6pm

Wednesday – 11am-6pm

Thursday – 11am-6pm

Friday – 11am-6pm

Saturday – 11am-5pm

Hope to see you soon!





Have you ever b…

20 Feb

Have you ever been Downtown Kenosha and wished for a place to pick up a loaf of bread or have sushi for lunch?  Here is your chance to sound off about your vision  for our picturesque downtown.  Downtown Kenosha has SO much potential to thrive and many in our community agree.  The Lakota Group has been contracted to get input from the community, among other things, and make recommendations based upon feedback.  Please read the attached blog and ‘like” the @Ktown Downtown 2012 Facebook page for more information!  You can take an online survey or even attend a meeting to express your feelings about making our Downtown vibrant!  We often here ideas from our customers on this very topic, so now is your chance.  BE HEARD!!!!! or


2 Feb

Vendome Crystal Necklaces and Earrings

One of Coco’s consignor’s brought us some some beautiful Vendorme crystal jewelry.  The Vendome line of jewelry was produced in the ’50s and started gaining popularity in the 1960’s. Known for it’s superior clarity and brilliance in it’s stone and metal work, the line is highly collectable and is still INCREASING in value.

A savvy shopper in December purchased one of the Vendome necklaces .  Not only did she get a BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry, but the proceeds paid to the consignor bought four mosquito nets for needy children in Uganda!!!

If you would like more information about this worthwhile cause, please log onto

Here is the best part – Coco’s still has 3 Vendome crystal necklaces and a pair of earrings in our display case, if you are interested in helping.

Don’t forget Second Saturday on February 11, 2012!  We will be having a 20% off all jewelry (including these stunning Vendome pieces) sale!!

2012 Consignment Update

24 Jan

As we settle into our new location, we would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the process of consigning…..We appreciate our consignors, as they are the life blood of our business…. if you are new to consignnment and would like to bring your items in 2012, a few guidelines for your information.

Please, please, please bring your items in stain free, all buttons intact, no rips and WRINKLE FREE!  The better an item looks, the more $$ in your pocket!  Polish your jewelry, polish your shoes, and by all means, dry clean your special occassion wear before bringing them in!  Also, your garments should be no more than two years old. 

If your items do not meet the above criteria, expect to get them back. 

A few changes to our consignment policy for the Spring Season…. due to the sheer volume of items, the consignment period is now being reduced from 80 to 60 days.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to track their items and the end date on their contract.  We will be taking items on an appointment basis.  You may also drop and run, leaving your items for us to process at a later time.  The spring consignment period will begin at the end of February, with the exception of prom dresses, which we will accept now.

We apologize for the confusion over the new phone number.  Please note the following change… our new number is 262-653-0112.

Your feedback is invaluable to us and we take it very seriously.  Please continue to tell us what you like, what you don’t, and ideas for improvement.  We are listening!!!




29 Nov

The turkey has been eaten, Black Friday a distant memory…… suddenly, you are faced with the realities of the season of giving and joy, wondering how you are going to do it all.  Most of us are doing more with less, trying to weather this economic downturn….Before you blow your budget this holiday season, consider the following:

Why shop second-hand FIRST?


Selection. As it gets harder for “real” stores to turn a profit, they stick more and more with sure bets, things they know will sell. That limits your choices to what they want to sell you…whether you like it or not.

 Style. If this year’s colors, styles, patterns are not your favorite, why kow-tow to someone else’s taste? Put together your own unique style, whether we’re talking wardrobe or domicile, by shopping secondhand.

 Quality. Look like a million on someone else’s million.

 Finding treasures. Haven’t you always dreamed of a rocking chair just like Grandpa used to have? Or a string of amber beads that look like they were bought by D.H. Lawrence in some exotic bazaar?

Putting your money where your mouth is. If a charity you admire runs a thrift shop to earn its operating budget, isn’t it a good thing to patronize that shop? If you like your town’s downtown area, wouldn’t shopping the local merchants instead of the Big Boxes keep the area vibrant and attractive?

 Limited use. Only going to use that ball gown or baseball bat once? Why blow the budget?

 Fickle heart. Not sure if that look is for you? Try it out without stretching the budget. If your best friend insists it makes your butt look big, it hasn’t flattened your wallet. And hey, maybe you can consign it back!

Fluctuating circumstances. Diet working, or not? Change sizes easily. Temporary quarters? Why buy every pancake flipper and wine glass new? And of course the greatest fluctuations of all: kids. Growing. Or going to camp. Or getting paint all over their “good” clothes.

Better things to do with your money. Whether it’s groceries or a graduate degree, there’s better places to spend your hard-earned cash than on material goods.

 Better things to do with your planet. It takes over 2 pounds of insecticides and fertilizer to create a single T shirt and jeans. That’s not counting manufacturing the poisons, transporting them from plant to growing field, someone spreading them on the crop, poison in the air that person’s children must breathe…. and the associated harvest, manufacture, shipping of the finished garment (oh yes, and the chemical finish that’s applied to that garment!)


21 Nov

A few factoids about Coco’s Attique you may not know:

Did you know that Coco’s opened it’s doors with 30 consignors on April 1, 2011 and now have over 300 on November 20, 2011?

Did you know that Coco’s donates all unclaimed garments to Women’s Horizons (a battered woman’s shelter) and other organizations?

Did you know we have a fabulous vintage department, including dresses, coats, hats, handbags and more?

Did you know that Coco’s carries sizes from 0 to 4X?

Did you know that items on the racks for 30 days go 15% off and 60 days, go 30% off?

Did you know that Coco’s has a vintage Chanel handbag in it’s inventory?

Did you know we are currently advertising on a billboard on 32nd and Roosevelt Road?

Did you know that Coco’s offers gift cards for any denomination?

Just a few things to be thankful for…..Happy Thanksgiving!!!!




Back by popular demand!

13 Nov

Hello faithful fans of Coco’s Attique!  It’s been a very long time between posts, but we decided to commit to weekly entries once again…..

The last 6 months have been the most enlightening and crazy busy times of our lives.  We are building our consignment business one conisgnor, one customer, at a time.  We would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the ladies who have chosen Coco’s to sell their lovely garments.  Without you, we would not exist.  Because of you, we are preparing to move into our new space @ 5531 6th Ave., Kenosha, WI  53140!  Lighter, brighter and larger, we hope to provide you with an even better shopping experience than you are accustomed to at our small, yet intimate space, @ 5507 6th Ave.

The final construction projects are winding down, allowing us to start moving our business down the block shortly.  We hope to have everything in place by December 1, 2011.  Stay tuned for further announcements on the date.

Just a reminder – the Downtown Shoparound is coming up this Thursday, November 17th.  We encourage you to grab a friend or two and enjoy the local merchants of downtown Kenosha!  Please call us @ 262-764-3023 for more information. It’s not too late to get your seat on the bus!!